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Massage Map 3D for iPhone/Android

Acupressure is a form of massage based on acupuncture points. Ancient Chinese found that stimulating special locations on the human body can relieve pain or ailments. These special locations are called acupuncture or acupressure points.

Massage Map 3D is the first software to provide an accurate and clear three dimensional map of all important acupressure points on human body. It is useful to people who are new to acupressure and also professional massage therapists.

It is also the first acupressure software which allows users to rate the effectiveness of acupoints for symptoms/ailments. This innovative feature makes it possible for users to find the most effective acupoints through collective verification by all the users.

Here are what our users say about this application:

- "Wonderful, informative application! This is very good for a LMT who wishes to use acupressure!"

- "Overall a very good visual guide to acupressure points. Very helpful for my line of work."

- "It is really good and Works!"

The features include:

- Uses standard acupressure point code names based on authoritative acupressure and acupuncture books

- Includes both English and Chinese pinyin names for acupressure points

- Click an ailment to find the acupressure points that relieve it

- Integrated with online acupressure points rating database. Users can view other users' ratings of effectiveness of acupressure points for a symptom, and participate in rating

- Ailments are organized by body parts or systems

- Browse acupressure points by code names

- The location of acupressure points are based on authoritative acupressure and acupuncture books

- The 3D human body can be rotated, moved and zoomed-in for better view of the acupressure points

- Includes X-ray mode which displays 3D human body transparently with skeleton for better indication of acupressure points

- Includes detailed and professional instructions about how to locate the acupressure points

- Integrated with web search and wikipedia for images and webpages of acupressure points, anatomical and medical terms

- Includes basic instructions about how to locate acupressure points and perform acupressure